Night Bear Foto began with two friends sharing a passion. The team has since grown to five permanent members who have honed their photographic skills, adapted their light sources and now work together to create portrait, landscape and abstract light paintings.


Founding Night Bear Foto in 2008, his camera now goes everywhere sharing the light with him.


James welcomes new bears wherever he goes, spreading his passion for creating beautiful and exciting images.


Tom is a graphic designer which has a big influence over his photographic compositions.


Give him free range with a light brush and he will always create you a masterpiece.


Dylan has incredible technical knowledge which he keeps current and up to date working as a photographer.


His patience and precision keep the Bears grounded when they go on lightpainting adventures.


Tim is a computer science teacher. He joined the family following his interest in photography.


Tim is the quiet Bear in the group, but don’t let that fool you, he also brings out the best creativity in all the Bears.


Katie is the newest bear in the group. She brings a broad creative background plus a few handy techie skills to the group.


Having studied photography at A level it’s a joy to her to bring an old passion back to life.